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Are You Struggling With English Writing?

A good total score on the IELTS examination can open great opportunities to study abroad and advance in your career.

But many examinees find the IELTS writing module to be particularly challenging for various reasons.

Whether it's organising your thoughts, outlining an essay plan, or writing with advanced grammar & vocabulary, this course has you covered!

Top Six Skills You Need To Excel in the Writing Exam

When you download my Study Guide, you will have access to a clear, deceptively simple plan for excelling in the writing exam. This study guide takes you through the structure of an essay of opinion. It includes useful phrases and expressions, grammatical constructions, linking words, and it breaks down the IELTS exam marking criteria so that you will know exactly what the examiner expects from you.

My guide will increase your confidence and help you achieve the test score you really want.

And it's 100% FREE!

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  • How to plan and organise an essay of opinion
  • How to write a topic sentence, thesis statement, supporting sentences & conclusion
  • How to incorporate useful expressions into the body of your essay.
  • How to make your essay flow concisely, coherently & cohesively.
  • How to use counterargument & refutation to back up your points with compelling logic
  • How to understand Band Score criteria & deliver what the examiner wants..

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