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As an online English Teacher I specialise in exam preparation. I do this through a focused, creative multi-media approach that allows students to excel on multiple levels. The goal is never just the next exam or the next business meeting. The ultimate goal is personal and professional development for students and clients through setting challenges that develop strong linguistic and cognitive skills. That's what makes the difference in language, examinations, and in the business world.

As an English language learner, you deserve expert support from an experienced professional.

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 Course List

What's Included in Each Course!

 Virtual Classroom Technology

60-minutes lessons live online with video-conferencing software.

1) Speaking practice
2) writing and correcting
3) Reading
4) Listening

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Multi-media learning materials

Rich learning content to support exam preparation.

​1) Google docs, pdfs
2) video
3) presentations
4) infographics

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Learning management system

This is your learning space where  course content is stored.

1) multi-media lesson content
2) focused exam practice
3) interactive assignments
4) feedback & correction

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Teaching Experience


Week two is the second phase with introduction to life-changing tools

Teaching with technology


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