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Smaragda K

Greece, 17

Sylvia was not just the teacher who helped me achieve all of my academic aspirations. She was,and still is, the woman who helped me to discover myself and chase my wildest dreams,and for that I will be forever grateful.



Greece, 16

I decided to have lessons with Sylvia because she had a great reputation. I went from being really insecure to speaking the language in a fluent manner. This has given me an edge on many occasions in my life so far. My favourite part of her lessons was definitely her creativity and how she made learning English such fun. I really can't stress enough how enjoyable and effective her methods of learning through dialogues are.

As a person who has taken lessons with many teachers before, I must say that Sylvia is undoubtedly my favourite so far. I can’t see that changing any time soon for a number of reasons; the main one being her passion for inspiring students to achieve their goals.

Her lessons have helped me make major improvements in many aspects of the English language, especially in speaking. Through her extremely effective methods of learning through dialogue, I have gained confidence in speaking which has helped me countless times throughout my life so far.



Greece, 20

I met my lovely teacher Sylvia at a time when I was feeling very discouraged and uncomfortable about having English lessons.

Learning English wasn't my cup of tea when I was growing up. I almost hated it . But Sylvia changed that. Not only did she help me to build my confidence, but she made English fun too. She approached our lessons with different methods of teaching than the traditional ones that I had been used to.

She cultivated an appreciation of English language culture in me too, and taught me that there’s more than one way to learn a new language. She supported me until the very last exam, and I’ll be forever grateful for everything!


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